Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We at desiupcharcentre.com is an internet-based portal designed in a way to interact with the audiences and provide them with the best possible home remedies to offer relief from the most common health conditions.

We do encourage the interactions of the users related to health as well as beauty-related issues and how these can be solved. Also, we make sure that people from different places can freely interact with one another and enjoy the feeling of oneness.

 But in the same regard, we state that desiupcharcentre.com holds no responsibility for the views expressed by various users. Any suggestion, blog, forum, comment, or remedy mentioned/ expressed/ written by any user is the sole responsibility of the user alone and it does not reflect the opinion of the desiupcharcentre.com.

The readers should check the authenticity of the information on their own before putting the same to use. We take no responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, or even the aftereffects of the information written by the users.

We hereby suggest all the users to cross-check and then implement the suggestions with expert advice.

Also, desiupcharcenter.com holds no responsibility for loss or damage that might inadvertently occur to the user on his reliance with the accuracy, reliability of the suggestions, etc. mentioned here.

As already mentioned, desiupcharcentre.com provides a platform to all the users for discussing openly on matters related to health, beauty, and wellness, but it lies the sole responsibility of the user to not come up with the information that can cause harm to the physical or mental health of the others. In addition to this, the language and the signs used in the suggestions shall not cause any harm to the sentiments of any section of the society (Social, religious, regional, etc.).

We reserve all the rights to edit, delete, and reinstate any content at any time that seems to violate the societal norms as well as the terms set by desiupcharcentre.com. In addition to this, we are not obliged to provide the user with a copy of the content and nor do we ensure any guarantee regarding the confidentiality of the content.

Images used in desiupcharcentre.com

The graphics, images, and pictures used in the website are the copyright of the respective owners. All the images with our tag on the same were photographed and scanned only for the site. In addition to the tagged images, other images were taken from the public domains. However, if in any circumstances you come across any such image, do contact us with valid proofs and such images will be removed from the site once the authentication is validated.

Lastly, we suggest all over readers to kindly recheck and verify the information shared to you via our forums, blogs, or comments. These suggestions might not be tested in practical life scenarios but are based on observations and general awareness.