Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy
We at strongly believe that the privacy of your personal information is our utmost priority. We hereby implement the best industry-based practices to safeguard the personal information of our users that we collect directly or indirectly for improving our services.

We are a cookie-based website and when a user visits, we send one or more cookies to your device to uniquely identify your browser. In this way, we allow you to get access to multiple website features including ‘ Remember my login”.

Cookies can also be used for measuring the performance of various advertisements running on the page including the display and the clicks. Most importantly, cookies act as an agent that helps us improve our website according to the needs of our regular users.

Basically, the introduction of cookies helps us to improve the overall web search experience of our users ensuring that they land on the right page after clicking on an advertisement. Other than this, better target and controlled delivery of series of advertisements are also taken care of with the help of cookies.

Before having any access to your information, the user is asked to enable or disable cookies if they want. However, some of the services at work smoothly even after the disabling of the cookies.